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If you are one of the fans and players of MLBB from Montoon, you will know Zilong Mobile Legends. It is one of the many characters that players can use in this worldwide MOBA video game. Some of you may choose this character because it is a popular one. It is indeed a well-known duelist in the game. So, you can expect to slay enemies and many other players using Zilong. Nevertheless, you have to build this character the right way. Without that, you will not get anything good from Zilong.

The Good and Bad Things of Zilong

Zilong MLBB

Without a doubt, every character of Mobile Legends comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to alter those things for a better outcome by using a hero. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to understand all good and bad things before choosing a hero. Zilong Mobile Legends has those things as well. Once you know about this matter, you can consider it your character. As long as it matches your play style, you can enjoy most of the benefits of this particular character.

It is reasonable for many new players to use Mobile Legends Zilong. This character is easy to use, and it is free. You can acquire Zilong after finishing the Advanced Tutorial of the game. You do not need to break a sweat to have him in your rooster. Furthermore, it has top-notch skin you can acquire for free. Both its mobility and initiator stats are excellent. All of those things are enough to make him your choice of character. It gets better with the appropriate build throughout the game.

Zilong Mobile Legends comes with several disadvantages, indeed. It consumes a lot of mana. It is not a good thing when you need mana a lot in the game. It is a weak character in crowd controls and high burst damage. You will not be able to use Supreme Warrior Ultimate to remove any Suppression effect in battle. Furthermore, Stunned, Airborne, Transform, Freeze, and Suppression hit him a lot. You may need to consider those things.

Building the Items

Item building is the first thing on the Zilong build for the best experience. There are six items you can find to maximize the potentials of Zilong instantly. The first item is the so-called Swift Boots. It generally increases the speed of this character. Alternatively, you can go for Rapid Boots, Warrior Boots, and Tough Boots. The Swift Boots provide benefits in Attack Speed which will increase the overall damage from the various attacks of Zilong.

The second item to build Zilong Mobile Legends is Berserker’s Fury. It is a popular item that many characters can benefit from it. Critical Damage, Critical Chance, and Physical Attack of Zilong will get a boost from this item. It is fundamental to have it because he relies on Basic Attacks to hit enemies. The third item is Scarlet Phantom. Physical Attack, Critical Chance, and Attack Speed will all get a boost from this item in no time.

The next item you can incorporate for Zilong Mobile Legends is Endless Battle. It enhances his Basic Attacks and many crucial attributes. It includes Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Mana Regeneration, Physical Attack, Physical Lifesteal, and HP. Then, Windtalker is another item to increase the Attack Speed of this hero. It provides up to 40% enhancement on that matter. Furthermore, it also enhances both Movement Speed and Critical Chance.

The last item you can expect to boost Zilong Mobile Legends is the Blade of Despair. It provides an increase of the damage from Zilong’s attacks. It enhances the Physical Attack up to 160 points and the Movement Speed up to 5%. You can already experience better performance of Zilong after incorporating all of those items. As usual, you need to master the character after adding those things. If you cannot get the feeling of using Zilong, you can consider another hero from the game.

Other Things for Zilong

Zilong review Mobile Legends

The best Zilong build includes the perfect emblem set as well. This particular character is a Fighter-Assassin type. Therefore, you have to go for the Assassin Emblem Set for the best performance increase of Zilong. Agility, Invasion, and Killing Spree are the three talents you can consider for the three available tiers. All of those talents are beneficial for the overall statistics and performance of Zilong. You can expect the best of Zilong already after reaching this part.

Battle Spell is another thing you need to understand for Zilong Mobile Legends. Execute is your first option for this character. If you are casting this spell with Zilong, it will kill opponents at ease when facing low-HP targets. Another choice on this matter is Flicker. It is the best chance you can have to flee a battle. There is no dash skill in Zilong’s library. Other than that, you can rely on this spell to chase enemies. Both of them will come in handy according to the situations in battles.

More about the spells for Zilong Mobile Legends, both Purify and Arrival, will come in handy as well. Arrival is beneficial to support your allies in the turrets. On the other hand, you can use Purify to remove various CC effects other than Suppression. So far, you have all of the necessary aspects to get the highest potentials of Zilong. The only thing left is how you use this character to play the game. After all, the gaming skills affect the outcome when playing a MOBA video game.

The Verdict

It is the freedom of players to create their ultimate version of any character from Mobile Legends. There are always the best and recommended builds you can follow and try. Zilong Mobile Legends is a decent choice of hero if you are a new player in Mobile Legends. You can enjoy many advantages with a bit of disadvantage when using him. Of course, you have to pay attention to the perfect combination of several aspects of this character for the best outcome.

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